This is not only going to be a make or break summer for the tourist industry in the Balearics but it is also going to create a socioeconomic divide. On my way back and forth to and from work yesterday I was amazed at the sight of every restaurant and bar terrace along the Paseo Mallorca, which is by no means one of the cheapest areas of Palma to eat, being packed and it is not the first time I’ve seen people waiting for tables.
And, by judging by their expressions and shrieks of laughter, the recession was certainly not the main topic of conversation, if at all.

But, while the cash was flowing in central Palma, I doubt credit cards are burning in the resorts where thousands of people all the way along the tourist supply chain are still not working but are wondering if they will this year.

How soon the great government cash injection into the ailing industry will come remains to be seen as will the effect it has - is there going to be enough time and money to have a season, never mind save it? I sadly doubt it and while the corks pop in Palma, it is going to be a fight for survival in the majority of coastal resorts and interior tourist destinations.
The longer the dithering over travel in and out of the Balearics continues, the torture for the large part of the work forces and businesses is only going to get worse and right now I can’t see signs of anything that is going to ease the pain.