It is a surreal sensation. You go to a tourist resort in June but there are no tourists. Hotels are boarded up, shops are closed, restaurants are opening soon. Welcome to Majorca in 2020. This is what I discovered in Puerto Pollensa last week; the once bustling streets are empty and for the business community it is a question of hoping that the nightmare will end soon.

Yes, there are some people about and yes at the weekend more businesses do open, but at the moment it is a question of when will the tourists come. The good news is that British tourists can travel to Spain without having to go into quarantine but the bad news is that Britain still maintains its two week quarantine for travellers.

So Pollensa, which relies so heavily on British tourism, will have to wait. Hopefully, it will be a short wait and British tourists will start arriving by the middle of next month but it will be a short season, probably one of the shortest ever. I was probably one of the few “tourists” in Pollensa last week, amazing considering that we are now in June. To all those people who are reading this on our online edition I will say....Pollensa is as magical as ever and hopefully you will be able to be there soon. It may be partly closed but as a resort it is in a league of its own.