I know Cummings, who appears to have gone AWOL of late, believes he is ordering Boris and his cabinet to do the right thing in their approach to fighting COVID-19 but some of the measures are laughable.

Every new step that is taken to try and unlock the UK and revive the economy has a sting in the tail.

Pubs and restaurants can open, but at an extra cost to the owners who have taken a huge hit over the past three months.

Drinkers in England’s pubs will have to give their name before they order a pint, and there will be no live acts or standing at the bar, the government said in advice for reopening the sector next month.

Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers will have to keep a record of customers for 21 days to assist the state health service’s test and trace operation, which aims to identify and contain any local flare ups of COVID-19 and stop a second wave of infections.

There are two floors with all this. One publican said yesterday that said the guidelines were “very, very difficult to navigate safely” and that some customers might not be comfortable giving their contact details on arrival.

Then I assume clients will have to prove who they are and the latest records state that there are an estimated one million undocumented workers in the UK - so what are they going to do and where do they fit in to the track and trace App scheme, when it finally gets going?

My advice is just come to Majorca as soon as possible.