Last weekend I was in the Playa de Palma which was one of the first areas in Spain to receive tourists after the lockdown. Even King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited the area to celebrate the arrival of the first tourists. To my amazement I found that it was deserted; there wasn´t a tourist in sight and many businesses were still closed. I don´t know what I expected to find but I_thought that it would be much busier than it was, especially after all the publicity of recents days and weeks.

More than 10,000 German tourists started to arrive in the Playa de Palma a few weeks ago and more were expected to follow. Now, obviously 10,000 tourists for a holiday resort the size of the Playa de Palma is small beer but it is still not really open.

What I saw on Sunday was not even a shadow of what it should be like at this time of the year. The perception locally was that the Germans would be coming to the island in relatively large numbers....they haven´t really started yet. The Balearic government has gone to great lengths to get the German market moving but so far everything is still at a standstill.

I sincerely doubt that the season will get underway until the middle of this month and we are still talking a limited number of tourists. I think Majorca is slowly coming to the conclusion that we can forget this year. The small number of tourists who do come will be a bonus but a small one. If the Playa de Palma is not busy you can imagine resorts elsewhere.