Majorca is under the impression that hundreds of thousands of British tourists will soon be on their way to the island. There is only one problem; the UK Foreign Office is warning against all but essential travel to Spain...in otherwords don’t go unless it is vital. Is a holiday vital? Well to some people perhaps so...but to others not.

The British government has said that they will be changing the travel advice shortly...but you do feel rather sorry for the British travel industry which is desperately trying to get going but are being effectively grounded by the British government.

The travel advice should be removed early next week by which time July will be into full swing. So if you hurry you still might be able to enjoy a summer break in Spain but ofcourse this all depends on the fact that you have the necessary flexibility in both your workplace and family life. And also remember that schools go back in Britain in August so it is a relatively short holiday window.

Matt Hancock, the British Minister for Health, rather controversially said that Britons would probably not be going on a summer holiday abroad this year. At the time he was slammed by the British travel industry but it now appears that he was right...well almost. Yes, the British will be able to go on holiday abroad this year but many have already booked their stay vacation. Could all this have been avoided? Yes, if there was a single common European Union directive...but that is another story.