So the so-called “useless green certificate” will continue to be a valid form of identification in Spain for British residents eventhough it is stamped European Union citizen and Britain will have left the European Union!

I think many people were rather glad that it appeared that the end was in sight for the certificate because it was not valid identification and meant that British citizens had to carry their passport as an identity document. The British Embassy announced yesterday that the “Green residence certificate” would still be valid after Brexit.

All new British residents will be issued with a new residence document but those who have the green certificate can keep it at least for now. With 380,000 British citizens living in Spain issuing them with a new residence permit would have been a nightmare especially as the clock is ticking and Britain is due to leave the European Union (fully) by the end of the year. So a compromise deal has been reached; new residents get the new Brexit style cards, existing residents keep the green certificate.

The British Embassy also said yesterday that the rights of British residents in Spain would remain the same. “British nationals, who are legally resident in Spain by the end of this year, will have their rights protected, including the right to live and work here, and lifelong access to healthcare for UK state pensioners, including those who claim a pension in the future,” the Embassy said.