This summer I have become a huge fan of Magalluf. OK, yes it’s been much quieter than usual but that does not take away the fact that it has wonderful beaches, in particular Son Matias, and crystal clear water plus I’ve found the beach less congested than nay of the other I have visited since the restrictions were lifted.

And, what I was pleased to see this weekend was that many more bars and shops have either opened or are in the process - Magalluf is getting ready for what is left of the season and I hope for all of those working in the resort that their efforts don’t go to waste and holiday makers start coming.

I spotted at least one hotel that is open, although I only managed to count three rooms which appeared to be occupied, and over the next few weeks more hotels are going to come on line.

However, with the clubs in limbo and not allowed to open pending the next review of the situation, that is turning a lot of people away from the resort and diverting them to other competing destinations where the clubs are up and running.

That said, the reasons behind keeping them closed make sense, right now, it could be a serious health risks with spikes in Spain and the UK.

But, there is more to Magalluf than clubbing and I am sure people who come this year for the first time will have a great holiday in the resort. Come on down.