One of the lovely things about Majorca is that there is always somewhere to discover. This week I ventured out to Ses Salines...about time I hear you say after living on the island for most of my life. This is a delightful part of the island and one I will certainly visit again. Ses Salines has a number of upmarket bars and restaurants which were all packed I am pleased to report. Now, one of my favourite programmes on IB3 TV is the long-running, People of the Sea (Gent de la Mar) programme which basically gives an insight into the local nautical traditions and lifestyle on this island.

One of the presenters of the programme, Manolo Barahona, owns a restaurant in Ses Salines, infact he was a chef long before he enjoyed fame on local TV. His restaurant has expanded over the year and yes you guessed it, its speciality is fish. Unusually, during these hard times I was lucky to get a table and it is a big place. But I enjoyed a fantastic fish supper served in traditional surroundings with German and Majorcan clients.

Manolo, who is a household name on the island, was outside cutting ham and meeting and greeting clients. He made me very welcome. I have always thought that People of the Sea would be a smash hit in Britain and Germany. It is easy watching and gives you an insight into Majorca and its long nautical history. Manolo agreed that it would make great viewing outside Majorca. This island has so much to offer all you need to do is just discover it.