Even for most of the Spanish population which has become used to wearing masks over the past three months, the prospect of having to wear them at all times when in public spaces has not gone down well.

Just when we were emerging from the lockdown and looking forward to the “new normal” it appears that we slipped back towards a new form of lockdown.

Since the move was announced I’ve noticed an increasing number of people wearing masks around Palma but many of my friends and colleagues have complained about how uncomfortable it is having to wear them in this heat, some have even questioned whether it is healthy.

Did we emerge from lockdown too early or were the measures eased to soon, only hindsight will tell.

But with the number of spikes across Spain, including the Balearics, rising by the day, something has gone wrong - maybe we, the general public - assumed that the worst was over and got rather blasé about the pandemic which is by no means over.

It has also made the rest of Europe somewhat hesitant about coming to Spain.

The move has not been well received by the media and according to hoteliers, cancellations have been reported in Palma and across Majorca in response to the new law. Just when things were starting to look up.