People on the beach of Can Pere Antoni in Palma on Monday. | ATIENZA



Dear Sir,
We are regular visitors with a holiday home in Paguera. We arrived for the first time in 9 months this week and are delighted to be back.

However, we were disappointed to find the beach facilities closed ie. toilets and showers. What can possibly be the reasoning behind this - toilets could be equipped with sanitising stations and/or cleaning attendants. If you allow many hundreds of people, you have to provide basic facilities at least.

Also, we think there must be a shortage of white road signing paint on the island. We had a near miss with a young girl and her dog who walked out from behind a van which was parked on a zebra crossing which was so faded as to be almost invisible. The same goes for road lines and junction markings. Surely this essential maintenance should have been undertaken while there were no visitors and very little traffic.
S. M.

Face masks

Dear Sir,
I refer to your viewpoint in the paper today and feel there are a number of points that need to be challenged. Firstly nearly everyone I have spoken to on the Island, both locals and ex pats believe the new ruling on face masks is a total disaster and totally unjustified. You state that most people on the Island are already wearing face masks.

What part of the island are you talking about? Most people are not apart from in supermarkets and again most people cannot wait to get them off.

Even leaving aside the growing medical evidence that the use of masks is of little or no use this announcement is ludicrous. I can go on the beach and not wear one where there might be quite a lot of people, but if I go for a walk in the mountains with my partner where no one is about, I have to wear one. You could not make it up!! It is also going to ruin tourism. My family who were coming over next week have already cancelled.

You trot out the usual line of keeping people safe. Well there are going to be new cases and spikes for some time to come. Are you arguing that we have to wear them for the next 2 or 3 years until there are no new cases? The risk is minimal for gods sake accept that and stop this total over reaction.
Steven Howells


Dear Sir,
Well what a dogs breakfast the local government are making of the ‘mascarillas’.
They have no clue what they are doing to people’s livelihood whilst they continue to take their inflated salaries no sign of them taking less while everyone else has had to earn less or nothing. What a joke they are.
Michael Everett