Face masks

Dear Sir,

I am unhappy to read the letters in today’s Majorca Daily Bulletin (Wednesday) on the subject of face masks.

We residents of the Balearic Islands are rightly very proud of our record in the handling of Covid 19. We are therefore wanting to continue in this way. We had a very hard lockdown here (not allowed out for exercise like some countries) and we don’t want to have to go back to this situation. Everyone I have spoken to of all nationalities are in favour of the health controls including the wearing of masks. We all understand how important tourism is to the islands and want them to be a safe place for holidays. We also don’t like wearing masks but if this is necessary to help avoid a further spread then so be it. It is not such a hardship and please think of the people with serious underlying conditions.

Incidentally it is not necessary to wear a mask in the mountains if out with one’s partner.

Kind regards
Judith O’Connor

Closure of Punta Ballena

Dear Sir,

I have been considering the closure of the Punta Ballena, Magalluf, amongst others.
It appears to me that this is a futile attempt to ‘harness’ the ‘undesireable tourist’. The obvious result of this to me is that the ‘party’ will shift to another ‘street’, which in turn will have to be closed. So, it appears we have two choices, increase the amount of effective policing, by that I mean the police being present to enforce acceptable behaviour.Or the vetting of potential tourists before they are sold tickets in the UK. Such a policy is fraught with complications.

So, as we can see, there is no solution except stopping all tourism. This of course leads to total destruction of the tourist industry and its dependent businesses, so, how does the government intend to support an industry that is doomed to collapse? I too was here throughout the lockdown and it was a ‘nightmare’ so I don’t want that again. The only solution that makes any sort of sense is effective policing. Anything else is a short term fix doomed to failure. But who am I to espouse common sense??