It has been brought to my attention that airlines, at least Spanish airlines are going to be carrying face masks for passengers in the event that they may have forgotten one. Very caring, only trouble is passengers will have to buy them!

Since the dawn of the low cost travel era, all the old age delights of flying have gradually gone out of the window, probably the one nearest the toilet at the rear of the plane. Flying used to be fun, they used to say your holiday started at check in. Well, that has not happened for a long time and on board, no more free newspapers as airlines have been cutting costs by reducing the time on the ground so they can operate a quick turnaround as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible.

No more free drinks or sweeties, nothing - never mind meals unless you want to pay for literally everything.

One airline not so many years ago was thinking about charging passengers to use the toilet - lovely.

But seriously, considering the extremely grave crisis we the travelling public, never mind the travel industry is going through, I think it would be a very kind and encouraging gesture to offer passengers new, clean and free masks on boarding. Many would have been masked up for hours in the airport and would appreciate a clean one for the flight. I am sure airlines could stretch to a gesture of good faith.