These are difficult times for Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. The number of coronavirus cases have spiraled since his government eased the lockdown. New cases had slowed to a trickle in June, before a nationwide lockdown was lifted, but since then more than 280 clusters have been detected, with wealthy Catalonia the worst affected, leaving hotels largely empty and bars shutting down. Health ministry data showed 2,615 new cases across Spain on Thursday, compared with a daily average of just 132 in June. The Sanchez government is coming under pressure to introduce yet more restrictions and parts of the country have already returned to lockdown.

The Balearic government made the face mask compulsory, a move which allegedly led to a big drop in holiday bookings to the islands. Sanchez has a difficult decision to make; his government can introduce more restrictions but this will directly impact on the tourist industry. The President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, has said that she will not put the health of the people of the Balearics in danger for economic reasons. These are wise words. As I have said on numerous occasions in this space I do believe that the Spanish government did ease the lockdown too early but ofcourse there were valid economic reasons and the number of cases had fallen. Now comes the difficult part. What to do next? Difficult times and even more difficult if you are Prime Minister.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

But what do these figures tell us? Who cares how many infections there are. I read nothing about IC units being overloaded at all, nor lots of people dying. Now the virus is finally doing what it was meant to do from day 1: spread among the people. This whole national lock down nonsense was not needed at all, as it just postponed this happening. Social distancing, repeated educationing of people to wash hands, wear masks where needed and controlling that would have avoided this whole economic melt down.Good example flying back to Mallorca last night: on the flight to Valencia, the stewardess repeated 10 times for people NOT to get up when we got to the gate, but to wait till it was their row to get up and leave. It worked perfectly. On the way back to Mallorca, this accouncement was made once: everybody got up and it was a chaos. So, repeated education of how to behave and what to do, rather than locking us in our houses. The cost of the lock down is beyond believe and comprehension, as we don´t even know what the real cost is yet. Bad, ball-less, sheepish copy governing. "They do it, so we do it too". Sweden is laughing their heads off. They got it right completely.