Even if the 14 day quarantine period for British travellers returning from the Balearics was removed today it still wouldn’t lead to a surge in bookings. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. The announcement by the British government late on Saturday night that quarantine would be re-introduced for travellers from Spain was basically the last straw. The mixed messages both from Spain and Britain have effectively destroyed the summer season for the islands. I think it could all have been done a lot better.

The British government has failed miserably, introducing the need to self-isolate just when thousands of British tourists had gone on holiday to Spain. Surely, more warning could have been given? And then there is the travel advice... non-essential travel is banned to Spain but not the Balearics but you still have to go into quarantine if you visit any part of the country. So why the mixed messages?

This just adds to the confusion in what is already a very confused state of affairs. There have also been mixed messages from the Spanish authorities. The infamous Calle Punta Ballena party street in Magalluf was closed down because the local authorities are unable to deal with tourists not following the necessary health and safety guidlines. All-in-all it has become a big mess which will have enormous consequences for the local economy. The two week quarantine effectively means that the tourist season is over for the British. Sad but true.