One of the more outrageous theories put forward in Spain for Britain's tough line with them over the coronavirus was a meeting which took place earlier this week between Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar and the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya.

It appears that a British government representative was not present at this meeting which took place close to the border and it was one of the first times that Gibraltar and Spain had sat down together without Britain. There is a theory knocking around on social media that Britain was so furious about this meeting (because he hadn't been invited) it decided to introduce the quarantine and travel ban.

Absolute, nonsence I hear you say, and you are probably right but these are difficult times and Spain has been left rather shaken by the action from the British government. However, the meeting between Gibraltar and Spain could be seen as a sign of the times with the colony and Spain finally trying to work through their differences. It is interesting, though, because usually Spain demands that a British government representative attends between themselves and Gibraltar.

It appears that Picardo and Gonzalez Laya discussed Brexit and cross border co-operation. The people of Gibraltar firmly voted against Brexit and they fear for their livelihood. There is also a concern that Spain may limit the number of people who can cross the border. Interesting times.