There seems to be a lack of clarity and order with Spain now posting the highest number of Covid cases in Western Europe and little sign of the curve being flattened. Regional governments have been handed the responsibility of dealing with localised problems but Madrid is still issuing statements. So who really is in control and if it is not Madrid, I think it’s high time that central government steps in and takes over again because regional governments don’t seem to be coping.

Experts are clamoring for the authorities to urgently change their strategy to limit the spread of the infectious disease with new measures taken this week, otherwise it’s going to be much more difficult to control, and Spain will run the risk of rapid expansion in even more areas.

A former WHO director has said that Spain needs stricter measures and enforcement on nightlife and more cautious behaviour on an individual level but according to Health Minister Salvador Illa and the country’s public health director Fernando Simon, “the current measures are being applied and are working” and that regional governments were doing an “excellent job”.

Sadly the numbers don’t mirror such optimism and now only five European countries don’t have any travel restrictions in place for Spain with concerns that Germany could be next to take a stricter stance regarding travel to a from Spain. We need a single body back in charge.