Hindsight is very nice but I am sure that I was not the only journalist to have warned the government about putting all its eggs in one basket when it launched its pilot scheme to lure German tourists to Majorca. It actually failed within a matter of days because Madrid decided to open the borders to most of Europe, but apart from that, what about all the other international markets which are the corner stones to the tourist industry and the local economy such as the UK?

There was no UK quarantine when the state of emergency was lifted, but was any effort made to encourage the British, who flocked to Majorca long before the Germans did - the British invented package tourism? No.

Yes, there may be tears being shed in German resorts and the corridors of power, well for those politicians who are not on holiday, but as far as I am concerned those in command have only got themselves to blame.

It was a gamble which failed and will prove to have been an expensive move.

The government should have spread bet, placed its chips in all the key markets, but no it decided to ignore loyal holiday makers and have a major flutter on Germany and now its got no chips left to play, much to the cost of the economy and jobs.

The outlook for the winter was looking pretty bleak anyway, now the forecast is extremely worrying - the government has created the perfect storm and it’s going to have to start from scratch and try to rebuild relations with countries it deemed surplus to requirements.