More than 70 leading politicians and diplomats have shown their support for former monarch King Juan Carlos who left Spain under a cloud of scandal and is now in the United Arab Emirates. Juan Carlos had said he would leave Spain after controversial aspects of his past private life came to light, but did not say where he was going. Switzerland’s La Tribune de Geneve newspaper reported Juan Carlos had received $100 million from the late Saudi king. Switzerland has also opened an investigation.

The former monarch is not formally under investigation and has repeatedly declined to comment on the subject. The former and once hugely popular monarch has been the talking point in Spain for much of this month and opinion is split. Most people say that he was hugely important in leading Spain through the transition period from dictatorship to democracy. Also, at one stage, King Juan Carlos was often pinpointed as the role-model for another monarchies. He was hugely popular and well respected. But all that has now changed.

I do feel slightly sorry for King Juan Carlos. He has been demonised in some sections of the Spanish media which was probably one of the reasons why he left Spain in the first place. At this moment in time he is under investigation. End of story. Spain should remember that key role he has played in the country for the last four decades before jumping to conclusions.