These are very distressing times. In normal circumstances hotels closing for the season in August would have got alarm bells ringing. These days it is just the new normal. But the Balearics has been given an unwelcome breathing space, one which will give the island time to take stock and look at the future.

I doubt that the islands have ever been this quiet in August for more than three decades. But we could be using this time for something constructive and of vital importance; deciding what is the future of the tourist industry. Do the islands want to go upmarket, with fewer visitors and more spending power? Do the Balearics want to continue with its present model of mass tourism which puts a drain on the island's limited resources?

To be honest I would say that it is a mixture of the two; perhaps fewer tourists but staying in four and five star hotels. Perhaps the days of the three or lower starred hotel are over. At the end of the day over recent years the islands have become rather overcrowded. Now, is the time to design the blue-print for the future. Is there a place for the infamous party streets in Arenal and Magalluf in this “new Majorca?”

I would say that the majority of islanders would say no. Now is the time to start planning for the future. There are no tourists this year but next year, hopefully they will be back and by then we should have a good idea of what the future of the industry should be.


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John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Tourists will return .I would suggest not to go down the four/five star route.Most of Mallorca 4/5 cannot compare with say Turkey on price and facilities. What would happen to all the existing 2/3/.Certainly no money to upgrade and there will be uncertainty for a few years.Maybe tourists not staying in 4/5 stars spend more in the restuarants and bars.Move on from Magalluf,sell the island and be constructive to all of us wanting to return. Have booked next years flights already ,hired my car.


Stephen / Hace about 1 year

Allow private villa and apartment rentals again to allow the higher spending tourists back. The private renters are the tourists that hire cars, go to EROSKI and eat out in proper Majorcan restaurants. It beggars belief that Majorca shot itself in the foot by banning private rentals absolutely bonkers. We had a good laugh when Thomas Cook went bust last year all the greedy all inclusive hotel owners got their come uppance. Yet the government still does not see the error of their ways. Unless Majorca and Spain get proper government’s tourism here is finished and I like many are selling our property to move somewhere more welcoming. The big losers are the Majorcan people destined to return to the poverty that existed before tourism.


Stuart Mead / Hace about 1 year

I stay in a 1 star hotel in Sóller. As far as I’m concerned it’s much better than it’s higher graded counterparts. No screaming drunks and everyone goes out and supports the local economy. Just because I choose to stay in a 1 star hotel doesn’t mean I’m drunk all the time.


Steve Pickering / Hace about 1 year

Good luck with the 4 and 5 star hotels. People staying in them will want to be all inclusive, mainly due to the costs, especially for families. Which with them being 4* or 5* will be extortionate. Thus people wont have the money to eat or drink out. At least with 3* families will be able to afford it. A good incentive for the coming 2 years would be to get rid of the 'Tourist Tax'. I know people say it isn't much and people should budget for it. But it would be another tick in the get people back to the Balearic's box.