The old adage that rules are there to be broken doesn't appear to apply to the Balearics. To be honest I am quite amazed how government guidelines which have been introduced to counter the coronavirus are being followed in the islands and the people of the Balearics deserve praise. Everyone is wearing a mask and the smoking ban is being well respected. All this and not a police officer in sight. Spain had a reputation of always trying to flout the rules but not when it comes to the coronavirus.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez sent the population into lockdown in March and everyone stayed at home. Only when the lockdwn was lifted did people start to emerge from their homes. The Balearic government introduced further restrictions yesterday which includes a mobility ban in some areas. This will be a nightmare for some people living in these areas but I suspect that it will be respected.

There is no sign anywhere of people flouting the rules. Granted that the heavy fines which can be enforced are a good deterrent but the Balearics should be proud of the way people arebehaving. I was quite amazed to read this summer that the only people who were not wearing face masks were foreign tourists. The people of the Balearics clearly got the message that the measures which have been introduced are there to keep people safe. The attitude of the general public is certainly one of the few good points in what is a terrible situation.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I tend to disagree with Jason quite a bit here. "We" are not on best behaviour at all, if you compare it say to places like Valencia, where literally everybody wears masks. Here, in the streets, a lot of people do. In shops too. But go to the poligonos and or work places, hardly anyone wears masks, except maybe the people at receptions or service desks. I have been to a garage this morning, where there were about 15 people working. Not one had a mask on. Same in the tyre-center where I was yesterday. From the 8 people, only the guy at the reception desk had a mask. Walk around the marinas in Palma, 80% walks around without a mask, especially boat owners and guests/families and crews.


Julie / Hace about 1 year

I live in Puerto Pollensa and I go out walking every day (weather permitting) and to be honest I cannot belive how many people I see smoking in public places. They take their masks off and smoke on a park bench, along the sea front and on the beach and even in the streets and outside bars. Irresposible people that take no notice of the law. No wonder the Covid cases are going up here in Mallorca.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

As I have long suspected. You are living in an alternative universe. Must be for you to say, “Everyone is wearing masks.” True about the police being noticeably absent though.


Jimbo / Hace about 1 year

Your article today regarding Best Behaviour, makes me feel I must be on a different island. Repeatedly, people are sitting on benches with no masks clearly smoking and as for masks well there are certainly many who are not wearing masks, I have pointed the culprits to the authorities who chose to ignore. In my part of the island it is a regular occurrence to see people openly floating the rules, but sadly there appears to be very little presence from the authorities to deter them.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

I have to disagree with this article. Throughout the whole Island many are not wearing masks, and smoking outside continues. Jason needs to travel around the urbanizations ghost towns that are Mallorca. They will reveal considerable breaking of the current pandemic rules. I don't think you can blame tourists for breaking the rules. There are no tourists in Mallorca, except the uncontrolled Spanish visitors. Mallorca is now paying for their ignorance, and total flouting of the Virus and its regulations Because this Island is deemed an area to be quarantined for anyone returning to Europe. MALLORCA ONLY MUST BLAME THEMSELVES FOR THE INCREASED INFECTIONS AND LOSS OF TOURISTS. Therefore no work and no money.