With Europe facing economic collapse as a result of the fallout from the coronavirus it does seem rather incredible that Britain would want to risk a major confrontation with the European Union over Brexit.

Britain leaving the EU without a deal would cause major problems for both the British and European economies. The British public have waited four years for Brexit so surely they can wait just a little bit longer until there is light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against the coronavirus?

Take the British economy; it has suffered dramatically as a result of the coronavirus. There have been major job losses across the country with more to come. Britain is in recession and now the government appears to want to leave the European Union without a trade deal which is bad news for both sides. Leaving the Brexit argument to one side...is this really a sensible thing to do? Granted that the British people voted for Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a landslide election victory on his “get Brexit done” promise, but that was before the coronavirus.

It just doesn´t seem to be a sensible to me. Johnson is certainly taking a gamble with the British economy. If he wins...well everything will be fine but if he is defeated then it could be an economic nightmare. I do feel that the people of Britain have enough on their plate at the moment without haven´t to worry about Brexit and its economic impact. Solve the problems one by one if the best solution.