WHO would want to be a politician in Spain! Spaniards are not impressed with their politicial classes whatever party they belong to. If you look through social media you will see countless posts about Spain's politicians; the latest post which is doing the rounds states that Italian politicians have taken a pay cut...while Spain's politicians have asked for more money.

Italy has also reduced the number seats in parliament and in Congress with many Spaniards stating that Spain should do the same. The politician who is often in the spotlight is Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the far-left Podemos and Vice President of the Spanish government. Known simply as “the pony tailed” according to a sizeable number in Spain he is responsible for many of the countries ills. But like many things in Spain, the Spanish government is doing ok.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez took the decision to take the country into lockdown and has since taken a whole series of decisions which were not too popular but probably had to be done. The latest opinion polls put the conservative Partido Popular almost neck-and-neck with Sanchez's socialists, which shows that his unpopular but necessary decisions have damaged his support. But, whoever is in power, Spaniards will continue to moan about their politicians. But Spaniards should remember that many other countries are in the same boat. The political class of 2020 will not be one to remember.


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