Why does one get the impression that the Balearics are somewhat off the pace in a tourism reactivation sense? We know all about the government continuing to work on safe corridors, because the government continues to keep saying so. Minister Iago Negueruela added on Friday that the government will look to take advantage of any opportunity to resume activity.

Very good, but while other regions are introducing their various schemes to provide some small amount of relief by providing voucher incentives for their domestic markets (the Basque Country is the latest), the Balearics haven't come up with any notable initiatives. Heading the list of proactive regions is Andalusia. The government there has introduced vouchers, it is considering an Imserso scheme, and it has now announced that it will be the main partner for London's World Travel Market (WTM) in November.

For WTM, which will be virtual this year, Andalusia has roped in Antonio Banderas as its ambassador for an international marketing campaign on which the government will be splashing out nine million euros. The WTM sponsorship is one element of this.

Purely in terms of the UK market, Andalusia in normal years attracts pretty much the same number of tourists as Majorca does - 2.3 to 2.4 million. The Andalusia government will know, as will the Balearic government, that nothing can be guaranteed about next summer, but this isn't preventing Andalusia taking a punt on its marketing.

If no other reason than to spread some encouragement, it would be heartening if the Balearics were similarly proactive.