There is no shirking the fact that this winter is going to be a tough and challenging one. The vast majority of hotels have closed and those that are still operating outside of Palma will not be for much longer due to external forces beyond their control.
The benchmark for this winter is very much going to be the capital, Palma.

The city’s hotel federation has already expressed its concern over how few hotels will be open this winter and this of course is going to have a domino effect on the capital’s economy. And, those facing the biggest hurdle of all are the bars and restaurants.
As the weather starts to turn and winter draws ever near the terraces, which have been allowed to expand in order to maintain maximum capacity within the covid protocol, are going to start to empty and with capacity inside reduced, the big question is will the numbers add up?

This summer has witnessed a buzzing terrace life in the city - when the terraces were first allowed to reopen the only way to get a table, even just for drinks, was to book, it was manic.

And, in many areas of the city centre, terrace footfall has continued to be favourable, quite surprisingly, but I fear that the buzz is slowly starting to fizzle away. I hope for the industry as a whole the winter reservations are strong but it will require deep pockets.