IT will be interesting to see just how many Britons will start flocking to the Canary Islands once all of the tour operators have resumed package holidays this weekend because there is one mounting problem the travel industry is having to confront and that is consumer confidence.

The Balearic Government has again pledged to get tourism moving as quickly as possible, but the latestmarket research in the UK has revealed that one in six adults do not intend to travel overseas on holiday within the next few months.

One thing is a destination like the Canaries being declared “safe”, or rather safer, than other destinations, the question is will Britons and even Germans, jump at the opportunity of grabbing a late holiday en masse?

With the Covid goal posts changing every day, do people, or can masses of people, afford to take the risk of getting stranded by a sudden lockdown whilst also sharing their holiday with fellow tourists from areas of Northern Europe which are posting an alarmingly high number of Covid cases - and why are they not coming down?

And, against this backdrop and rising tensions in the Balearic parliament, the sun is still shining on Mallorca which is where I am sure millions of Northern Europeans would love to be right now enjoying all the delights the island has to offer. They will be back, I am convinced, the only question is when?