It would appear that illegal street parties are the main cause of the latest wave of Covid spikes, not only in Majorca, but across the country so are these curfews and the crackdowns on nightlife the answers after all?

With clubs and discos pleading poverty and running the risk of going under, perhaps it may be worth the authorities seriously considering opening up some of the clubs again. Obviously, certain measures already in place such as no dancing, would have to be maintained in order to ensure safe distancing is adhered to but why don’t the authorities draw up a special protocol for large music venues. Considering that some concerts are allowed to go ahead, the new nightlife protocol could be based on the one being followed by the concert venues and theatres. Granted, for young people, it would not be quite the same.

But at least they would be in a recognised, confined and controlled space with sanitising stations and the onus being on the club owners and employees to ensure that the protocol, mask wearing, using gel etc. is adhered to. If there are concerns over the abuse of alcohol then surely some system could be introduced to monitor consumption. Not only would it bring an end to the frequent illegal street parties with people sharing bottles and the like, it would also allow the clubs to claw back some revenue in the run up to Christmas.