TRASMEDITERRÁNEA is much more than a ferry company, it is one of the main merchant shipping lifelines for the Balearics and can by no means be allowed to go under.

The business community has good right to be concerned, the vast majority of what we here in the islands eat, drink, wear and stock our homes with is shipped to the Balearics by Trasmediterránea.

When the governments talk about protecting resident discounts on ferries and airlines between the islands and the mainland, these services are often deemed “essential services” because, as islanders, we depend on air and sea travel.

I think the governments in Palma and Madrid need to adopt a similar stance with regards to merchant shipping operations to the islands.

The Balearics is already one of the most expensive regions in Spain to fill up a supermarket trolley and what the region cannot afford under the current climate is to lose one of its lifelines.

Not only could such a disaster lead to a reduction of goods, it may spark a rise in prices and the over all cost of living, which many are struggling to cover as it is as a result of the fall out from the pandemic.

The Balearics can’t afford to be held to ransom again and a deal must be reached with Madrid to keep the shipping line afloat.