IT is quite amazing the impact a single street has on Mallorca's tourist industry. Of course I am talking about the infamous strip, Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf.

As a result of the heavy investment by both the private and public sectors, Magalluf, has changed and these days it is all a question of one street.

There are only two coherent defences for Calle Punta Ballena in its present form; that it provides plenty of cash for the local economy and secondly it is a key part of the tourist industry. I would disagree on both.

Calle Punta Ballena (and the other infamous streets on the Playa de Palma frequented by German tourists) give Mallorca a bad reputation. The damage this does to the tourist industry might just outweigh the economic benefits of Calle Punta Ballena. On the second point I would disagree slightly; I am sure that the “strip” could continue to be a major part of the tourist industry but without the bad behaviour. And in defence of the British, Calle Punta Ballena is no longer just a British party street, all nationalities go there include many Majorcans.

I agree that now is a golden opportunity to finally tackle the Calle Punta Ballena problem. In other words it needs to be brought into line and the days when this single Magalluf street was on everyone's lips should be over. There is political and social support for this change and the people of Mallorca no longer want Magalluf in its present form and I can't blame them. Calle Punta Ballena needs to change for once and for all. As the Government Delegate Aina Calvo said, the party is over...but this was a party that only a small number wanted to go to.


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Harry / Hace 11 months

In regards to my previous comment, I should add that by winter I refer to the months between October and May, both inclusive. That’s 8 months out of 12. Even the seagulls get bored. Compare that to living in Palma and it’s outskirts where noise, difficulty in parking, pollution, crime, rubbish on the streets and a long etc are perpetual during 12 months of the year. In short, Palma Nova. Torrenova and Magaluf have a lot of things going for them, even if 4 months are pretty out of the ordinary.


Harry / Hace 11 months

Jason, a few years ago I was discussing this very same subject with someone who was of the same opinion as you but also had some connections with people who could possibly do something “about it”. She was going on and on about how dreadful the place was and how badly behaved the British tourists were. I asked her how often she had been (in the summer, in the winter it is an oasis of peace and calm) and she never and didn’t intend to either. I very much doubt that the former lady mayoress of Palma and now central government representative has either.


Andy / Hace 11 months

Knock it down, give the owners the aporopriate compensation and build New modern restaurants/bars/accomodation fit for 4/5 star tourists. No one will miss Punta Ballena apart from a few greedy Spanish bar owners. The young drunken underclass who frequent the place won't care either they will go to Faliraki or Ayia Napa instead and still wont know what country they are in or able to say thank you in the local language. Let's get rid of this filth now. No one wants Magaluf to exist in its current format.