Majorca olive oil!

I THINK we would all agree that this year has been an exceptionally difficult one and it continues to be so although there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the vaccine.

These are hard times on Majorca and I know for a fact that many of you will be spending Christmas on the island for the first time as a result of the travel restrictions.

This Christmas we would like to show our appreciation to our loyal readers who have stuck with us during 2020. We thought long and hard about a possible gift which is both useful and is Majorcan. So we opted for a virgin olive oil from the island and we will be giving you two half litre bottles. All readers must do is collect two coupons which will appear in the Bulletin later this month and then you can get your gift from the offices of our subscribers club (not the main office) on the Paseo Mallorca.

As a result of the Covid restrictions we would ask you to book an appointment to collect your present so that we can control crowd numbers. The advertisement informing you about the present and what you need to do will appear in the Bulletin shortly. It is just our way of expressing our gratitude and wishing you the best for the year ahead.