You get the impression that we are heading for a new lockdown. The Balearic government appear to be introducing new restrictions slowly but it looks as if we are heading in one direction; lockdown. Last week it was the bars, restaurants and large shopping complexes which had to close. Now, the curfew looks set to be brought forward to 8p.m. What next?

I think the problem with governments at the moment (and I should say all governments) is that they appear to be rather economical with the truth or they are just reacting to the figures in a knee-jerk manner. If I was told at the start of the year that we would be in lockdown because of the perceived increase in cases over the festive period then I would have just shrugged my shoulders and carried on. But every week at the moment new restrictions are being introduced and it just appears that we are heading for lockdown but the local authorities do not appear to have the courage to admit it. I know it is a complicated situation but the problem is just becoming more pronounced as the cases continue to rise.

As I have said before I would actually prefer a complete lockdown to allow for people to be vaccinated and then hopefully in a relatively short time frame things will be better. At the moment we don´t appear to be going anywhere. The vaccination process does appear to have its problems and not enough people are getting vaccinated. Urgent action is needed because people are becoming rather frustrated.