How well and how quickly the Balearic government gets its Covid house in order remains to be seen but what ever it does, there are numerous external forces which are going to continue complicating matters, in particular when the tourist season is going to start and to which countries air corridors will reopen.

On Sunday morning, it was the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s turn to do the rounds of the political programmes and while what he had to say may have come as some comfort to the British population, he dropped a potential bombshell as far as the Balearics is concerned. He went on the record warning that it is too early for people to book summer holidays abroad.

Raab said it was “very difficult to plan” for trips abroad as the government closed all UK travel corridors in an attempt to combat the spread of new Covid-19 variants.

“The rules now are very clear that people shouldn’t be travelling domestically, or certainly internationally, unless there are very exceptional reasons. I’m afraid until we’re in a position to give the reassurance, I think it’s very difficult to plan,” he said.

It certianly was not what the tourist industry wanted to hear as it is hard enough as it is for hoteliers to make any concrete plans. There is some good news though. The over 50s in the UK, who are being vaccinated are booking holidays - but to where and when?