On Wednesday we published a story at majorcadailybulletin/online about how the Pollensa council would have to dismantle children’s play areas and picnic benches which had been set-up along the beach. To say that our online readers were outraged would be an under statement. The general consensus of opinion was that the officials at the Coastal Department, which made the controversial move, were a bunch of killjoys and of course they are not wrong. At a time when the tourist industry is reeling from the full impact of the coronavirus it does seems pretty silly to push ahead with rather senseless legislation.

The Coastal Department said that the park areas could easily be moved to other parts of Puerto Pollensa and it was their ecological impact which led them to their controversial decision. Yes, but at the end of the day we are talking about a couple of swings, a kiddie house and a few benches....it is not exactly an environmental monstrosity. These park and picnic areas give visiting tourists much pleasure and let’s face it we are going to need every tourist we can get for the foreseeable future if the local economy is to be dragged out of recession.

When the sun was shining and everything was glorious in the garden of Mallorca then the local authorities could act in this manner pushing through legislation which is frankly just silly. But times have changed unfortunately and we need to welcome all tourists with opened arms not with silly new regulations.