THE Covid pandemic is rather masking what could be a big problem in the not too distant future; Brexit. British exports to the European Union have dropped by about 60 percent. I have talked to some local business people who say that they are unable to send Mallorcan products to the United Kingdom because of the mountain of paperwork and additional taxes...and it is both sides who are to blame. Even Marks & Spencers in Paris was having problems receiving British food products. There is no excuse for this. The main argument for Brexit was that Britain would become a major trading nation the moment, because of red tape, Britain can’t even get cheese and pickle sandwiches to Paris! Don’t forget that Britain and the European Union have had years to think about how they would deal with the various problems which would arise from Brexit and these problems have not been sorted.

British businesses are having a very difficult time at the moment and the last thing they need is difficulty in exporting to Europe, one of their key markets. I know that the government is heavily involved in the fight against the coronavirus and at the moment and they can’t even decide whether we can go on holiday or not, but surely someone is watching the Brexit situation. The great British trading nation appears to be sinking at the starting post at the moment. British food products are one of Britain’s key exports and the government should ensure that exports are going ahead as normal. I do believe that Britain should have placed Brexit on hold until the coronavirus situation was resolved. Covid and Brexit are big issues and the government can’t fight on two fronts.


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Billy Knowbend / Hace 11 months

Jason you are ill-informed or simply ignoring the facts. The UK left the EU in January 2020 before the pandemic actually started. All that was left to discuss was the basis of the trading arrangements with a very embittered EU who were determined to punish the UK and stop other member states trying to leave it's un-elected cabal. The EU recovery package has been designed to trap member states in the prison of massive debt tying them to the EU forever.


Martin / Hace 11 months

Well said I agree with every word you say the great is back in Great Britain 🇬🇧


Matthew / Hace 11 months

Mate, your reporting on Brexit is as left wing biased as the BBC. Brexit is a god send, and will be good for the UK in the long run. Just because it doesn’t suit expats doesn’t make it a bad thing.


palmbound / Hace 11 months

Jason, first of all we readers are aware that you are a die hard lefty remoaner and therefore your opinion is not without bias on your part. I would like to know from where you obtained your data that the UK is sinking and that it is on equal parts regarding the red tape issue. The UK is not entrenched in red tape like the EU and the fiasco of the vaccine is a prime example. As a person who has a foot in both camps, Mallorca and the UK I am still a brexiteer for the sake of my country despite it not necessarily suiting my life style of between the two countries, it is a shame that you do not have the same patriotism instead of the selfish ex pat " what about me" vote. The UK is doing very nicely thank you despite your mis information on the subject and the UK will go from strength to strength while watching the EU shoot itself in both feet.