It could be just media speculation but the possibility that Spain could be added to Britain's Covid red list is a nightmare prospect which would seriously damage the Spanish tourist industry. From Minorca to Malaga and from Benidorm to Pollensa the shockwaves of this move would be felt. The Spanish authorities need to move fast and discover if there is any truth in this media speculation and the time has perhaps also come to relaunch the idea of “safe air corridors.” The Balearics and the Canary Islands have the lowest levels of cases in the country.

The number of Covid cases has fallen sharply over the last few weeks. The local authorities are doing all they can to make the Balearics a safe holiday destination. This is one of the reasons why the restrictions have not been lifted by the Balearic government despite the outcry from the business community. Safe air corridors were first pondered last year and they could easily be relaunched this year. Spain is also pushing for the introduction of the vaccine passport.

This document could form a key part of the air corridors. Obviously, we are living in difficult times and most governments have adopted a wait and see policy. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be giving details of the easing of the lockdown in Britain on Monday. A decision on the “red list” will be taken this week. I sincerely hope that Spain remains off the list and the British PM allows foreign holidays this summer.


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Martin / Hace 11 months

Safe corridors are the least of your problems the Spanish government is determined to make travelling to Spain as difficult as possible after Brexit the only way for you to get back to any normal resemblance to what you had before Brexit and covid is too welcome Uk visitors with open arms and as that’s not likely you are going to have a real problem


Lisa / Hace 11 months

How could the Balearic Islands expect to be on a safe destination list with the appallingly low level of vaccinations administered here?

Tourists simply will not come if they can’t be reassured that their waiter, bartender or hotel receptionist has been vaccinated.

Boris has taken a battering on his Covid response - until now. He will not risk British tourists being put at risk in the country that hasn’t bothered to fight for an effective vaccination program for its citizens. Sadly, I for one don’t blame him.