OVER the past few months, I have been astounded by the extent of the wave of graffiti which has been sweeping the island.

Not only is Palma, including the historic old part, plastered with graffiti so too are the motorway road sidings - between Palma and Palmanova, for example, there is no space left along the motorway for any more graffiti, it’s an absolute disgrace, you can’t see the countryside of the almond blossom for the spray paint.

The local authorities drone on about sustainability, environmental protection and the ‘glorification’ of resorts, just to mention a few buzz words, but what is really being done?

Palma, for example, now boasts a host of award-winning boutique hotels and restaurants which, like the rest of the island, is desperately waiting to open again.
But, the high end clientele the Balearic government so desperately wants to see filling these salubrious establishments don’t want to be stepping out into streets vandalised by graffiti.

And, such images do stick in peoples’ minds - all the anti-tourism slogans which were painted around Palma three years ago are constantly being mentioned by our digital readers.

Palma council has unveiled an anti-graffiti campaign, but it needs to start now - make the most of the lull to clean up the city before the tourists can return.


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Sue Pinnington / Hace 11 months

Totally agree with Humphrey Carter’s article. I love Majorca, but who would go to Majorca by choice with so much graffiti. Palma town used to be so beautiful, now I wouldn’t take any visitors there. It is such a shame that no clean up operation is being put forward or any laws to prevent it. It is destroying Majorca and its economy