WHAT a difference a day makes! It wasn’t long ago that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was being dismissed as a “clown” and a “big mouth” by the Spanish media. All of a sudden the attitude to the British Prime Minister appears to have changed and it could be said that he has gone from zero to hero.

So why the change of heart? It is all thanks to Johnson and the vaccine. The Spanish media has been full of praise for Johnson and the roll-out of the vaccine. The fact that Britain has vaccinated more than 16 million people and Spain just over a million is a fact which has not been lost on the Spanish media.

Certain sections of the Spanish media blame the European Union for the unsuccessful roll out of the vaccine. There has even been some praise for Britain leaving the European Union because it has has allowed the British government, according to the Spanish media, to act much quicker than the European Union.

The fact that British tourists could be arriving in the Balearics from May 17 is fact which has not been missed by the Spanish press either. Even I have changed my tune towards Johnson. I do believe that his government completely mis-managed the Covid situation in the early days but on the vaccine roll-out you can´t really fault him.

There are plenty of lessons to be learnt from the Covid pandemic by European governments. I sincerely hope that these lessons are learnt and the necessary action is taken.