Right royal row.

Right royal row,


Meghan Markle has accused the British royal family of being racist. It is a very serious allegation and I just hope that she can back-up her claim with hard evidence. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should name and shame the person in the royal family who is allegedly responsible for these racist comments; it is their duty to do so.

I don´t think anyone should take these claims lightly. She has accused the royal family of racism and even the government should get involved and if a public inquiry is needed, then we should have one.

What we can´t have is two rather disgruntled members (former) of the royal family going on American TV and ridiculing the royal family. Enough is enough. It is a question of Put Up or Shut Up. They can´t now be allowed to disappear into the wilderness until the next explosive interview comes along. Prove it.


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Mark Badoer / Hace 10 months

Brilliant all this. Maybe the UK should hold a referendum on whether or not it should remain a monarchy.


Malcolm Smith / Hace 10 months

Does anyone really Care. I'm sure that there are far more important issues to be reported in the news today.


Kelly / Hace 10 months

We all saw how the palace did not react to the vastly different treatment in the tabloids of Megan and Kate. We also saw how quick the palace was to “investigate” the allegations that Megan bullied staff. It’s hard not to believe that there is racism within such and old and stuffy institution. The palace can respond.


Rich / Hace 10 months

MLM.....Megan's life matters....above all else.


Steve / Hace 10 months

Spot on Jason, bit sick of this mouthy C list actress taking pop shots at the Royal family. She is a needs to prove this or be done for libel. Lets take her to court for bullying!!


James / Hace 10 months

Some “woke” press and TV channels. The majority aren’t . They won’t have to prove it like most so called victims. They may though, have to prove who shot them in the foot.


Christian Goodin / Hace 10 months

You say prove it but they have their machine, including the press, on their side. We have all seen that system in action for years. I for one think what they have said isn’t credible and we all know the palace will deny and the press will attack. I wonder where royalty will be in 20 years time?