THE global “celebrity” status of the British royal family, especially in the States where they traditionally love the royals because they have only had a few over the years through marriage, means that they will always be front page news whenever a scandal breaks, but they are not the only royal family going through a bit of domestic strife.

In Spain, King Felipe VI, for example, is fighting a running battle in trying to protect the image of his family and the monarchy from the damage which has been committed by his father, his two sisters and brother-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin.

He was jailed for three years for embezzlement, among other charges, while his wife, the King’s sister Cristina just avoided any punishment.

Since then, his father, Spain’s emeritus king, Juan Carlos I, abdicated the throne in 2014 and then did a runner to Abu Dhabi, where he remains while making multi-million-euro payments to the Spanish Tax Agency in a bid to regularise his tax situation and avoid prosecution.

And, while a hoo-ha erupted in Spain over Juan Carlos’s behaviour, his two daughters, Elena and Cristina, received the Covid-19 vaccine ahead of their turn while on a trip to the Middle East to visit their father - focusing all eyes on the royal household yet again.
To quote Megan’s father, its “bulls**t”...or is it?