AT a time when we are all worried about our health and financial future I suppose a royal scandal could be described as a nice distraction. It takes your mind away from Covid, restrictions and vaccine passports. But once again members of the House of Windsor have washed their dirty washing in public and once again the British royal family is in crisis.

It just got me thinking that perhaps the great British public, who by a large margin remain loyal and supportive, deserve better. The British royal family should be a guiding light, remaining calm and collective in times of crisis and acting as a figurehead for the nation. Queen Elizabeth ticks all of the above.

But some members of her family are not fit for purpose. Prince Harry should be setting an example, not going on foreign television to moan about his family. And what purpose did this interview really have? To be honest I was appalled by their disloyalty to the crown and to the nation. The House of Windsor has become a laughing stock as I was jokingly reminded by Spanish colleagues all day.

I don´t think Queen Elizabeth is in a position to put her house in order but the next monarch, whether it be Prince Charles or Prince William, must start afresh. The House of Windsor does need reforming, perhaps all that is needed is a monarch and family and not an extended family. My view, as a royalist, is that the party is over and we deserve better. They should lead by example.