Cleary, for a very slim majority, Brexit was sold as a very good idea. But, it now appears that the full implications of what leaving the European Union would entail were not fully explained - if at all.

One of the main thrusts of the leave campaign was “to take back control” and for many that seemed to sit very well with how they felt and their political leaning. However, millions of Britons are facing the threat of paying a very heavy price now that the UK has left the EU. One which has come to light over the past few days is the 90 day rule, which means UK residents will not be able to come and go to Majorca and the EU as they please. This has already hit businesses, families, home owners, the yachting industry and would be investors. Real estate sector sources have said that it could turn potential buyers away.

Who, in their right mind, will make a substantial investment in the sun if they can only used it for a maximum of six months a year providing they do not venture into any other EU country be it for business or pleasure in the meantime? Every move a Briton makes into the EU is going to be stamped and counted, unless, in the case of Spain, they are a legal resident in the country, but that resident certificate is not valid anywhere else in the EU. I am sure many who voted to leave wish they knew then what they are finding out now.