FOR weeks now we have been talking about vaccine passports as the way to reopen the travel industry. Vaccine passports have been heralded as the way forward for so-called safe holidays.

The only problem is that few people on mainland Europe have actually been vaccinated. The AstraZeneca “problem” has only made the issue more pronounced.

The first thing that the Balearic government did when Spain announced it was “freezing” the AstraZeneca jab temporarily was to stop the mass vaccination programme.

To be honest, and leaving the alleged woes involving AstraZeneca to one side, the European Union have made a complete mess of the whole vaccination process. There are not enough vaccines and that was before the whole AstraZeneca issue.

Whatever the European Union says the whole vaccination process is now in turmoil which will have a direct impact on travel and the travel passport.

If people can’t get vaccinated then there will be unable to go abroad because it is one of the requirements of the passport.

The European Union appears to be busy trying to buy in more vaccines from other sources but the whole issue is a complete disaster. Spain has admitted, off the record, that the European Union is to blame for the delay in the roll out of the vaccine.

The best thing that the European Union can do is to scrap the passport until people have been vaccinated. It is as simple as that. No vaccine not much point of a vaccine passport.