THERE was a belief locally that Brexit would not really affect our daily lives on Mallorca.

The British market is far too important to Spain for the Spanish to make trouble for us, was a view I have heard many times. But slowly we are realising that being a Brit in Mallorca, is not what it once was.

In fact, Britain now has “third nation status.” Over the last few weeks we have highlighted just two of the problems; the 90 day ruling for tourists and that British nautical qualifications are not valid for Spanish flagged yachts.

Is this the tip of the iceberg? I sincerely hope not but it does appears that British exports of food stuffs are being hampered by Brexit red-tape.

All these issues could be resolved once Britain and Spain sign a by-lateral agreement which will occur later rather than sooner because of Covid and the sheer complexity of the issues. The Spanish authorities have bent over backwards to help British citizens living in Spain get their residence paperwork in order and we should be thankful.

But the next Brexit bombshell, I predict, could happen at the airport. British citizens, to show that they are not spending more than 180 days in the EU every year, will have to have their passports stamped.

Picture the scene in July and August at Palma airport when travel gets back to normal. Hundreds of people waiting to go through passport control. It is a slow process at the moment, imagine how it could be if a stamp has to be obtained as well. Food for thought.