WHAT a mess! The Balearic government appears to have lost its way.

On Tuesday morning they announced that inter-island travel would be banned only to reverse the decision hours later.

Meanwhile, German tourists continued to arrive on the island and mainland Spaniards are banned.

Spain scraps its ban on British tourists but foreign travel is banned in Britain.

There are now serious doubts whether British tourists will come here at all and the Germans have started cancelling their holidays because they require two PCR tests and five days quarantine.

The Balearic government is in the firing line over its various public U-turns, first on inter island flights and secondly on bars and restaurants opening their interiors. These mixed messages are doing the local authorities few favours.

If they make an announcement they should stick to it. Imagine if you owned a restaurant and you’ve been told that you can open your interior.

You go out and stock up only to discover that you have to close again.

Not good. To be honest I think that Balearic government should push ahead with the vaccination plan, keep the restrictions in place until the number of cases starts dropping and then think about the summer season.

This stop and start policy is just making the problem more pronounced. We are living in difficult times and for the time being it is a question of Keep Calm and Carry On.