THE blame game between Palma and Madrid is well underway and has taken on a new tone.
Historically the two have always been at loggerheads over funding; the fact that the Balearics never receives a fair return on the money it pays into central government coffers.

Now, however, with rules and regulations changing on a daily basis and Balearic resources being stretched, fingers are being pointed in all directions.

Just this week, the Balearic government stunned the region by deciding to close bar and restaurant interiors just a week after they were allowed to open.

And if that was not enough, Palma immediately called on Madrid to step up bailout aid for the hostelry sector. Considering the shock decision was taken in Palma under no pressure from Madrid, should Madrid have to pick up the tab?

Now, central government is being called on to provide extra human resources to Covid-police international arrivals at airports and ports.

Considering that the flow of foreign arrivals, in comparison to a normal year, is negligible, how can Palma claim it does not have the staff?

Where has the small army of airport staff all gone? Then we have the vaccine dispute over delays and lack of vaccines.

A leading medic pointed out earlier this week that there is nothing to stop the Balearics from buying its own vaccines. So stop whining and start sensibly saving lives and the economy.