WHENEVER I talk to friends and family in Britain the topic of conversation generally centres around vaccination and how they had been vaccinated or were waiting to get the jab. In the Balearics there is plenty of talk about vaccination but not much action.

Infact, I don’t know a single person who has been vaccinated in any age group.

The Balearic government talks of the mass vaccination drive but still only 100,000 people have been vaccinated here and the completed jab figure stands at 3.5 percent of the population.

On Sunday, Britain vaccinated 700,000 people which is equal to the total population on the islands.

Now, I am not trying to say that Britain is doing a better job than Spain because some horrendous mistakes have been made by the British government but there does appear to be a problem with the vaccines.

Infact, there are not enough vaccines available and the blame for this should be placed firmly at the door of the European Union.

The EU has made some major mistakes and it appears that the EU didn’t buy enough vaccines when they should have done and they have been scrambling around ever since.

For the Balearics this is a very worrying state of affairs. It could mean that the tourist industry will be unable to reopen.

I think Spain should break EU protocols and say that they will be buying their own vaccines like Britain did. It is a gamble but at the moment no-one is getting vaccinated.


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Lisa / Hace 10 months

Jason is spot on.

The gamble isn’t trying to buy vaccines for the islands. The gamble is doing nothing - while waiting for crumbs from the Spanish table.


Patsy Bradbury / Hace 10 months

I totally agree with the comments made by Jason Moore enough time has been wasted! It’s time for the government to wake up and get things moving with this vaccine. The tourists who have received there two jabs, will not want to arrive in the Balearics to find a large amount of the people who live here have not had their vaccine. A large majority of people have worn a mask for over a year now, it’s about time the vaccine should be rolled out. Stop the talking get on with the job unless you want to loose out on tourists.


James, The First Of The Mohicans / Hace 10 months

Jason. I haven't agreed with you in a while. This is refreshing.