U -turn if you want, the lady is not for turning. Balearic President Francina Armengol would do well to remember the famous words from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Her government announced in the space of two days that travel would be banned between the islands over Easter, then they had second thoughts and said that travel would be allowed and then second thoughts again in which they urged (but not banned) local residents not to travel.

It was the same with bars and restaurants. They were allowed to open their interiors only to find that they´ve had to close them again.

I know times are hard and decisions difficult but surely the Balearic government, when they have taken a decision, should stick to their guns?

Granted that the Balearic government is not very popular at the moment but I am sure that they would win more support if they took a decision and stuck to it rather than just changing their minds a few hours later.

The fact that German tourists can come here but mainland Spaniards can´t is an almost laughable situation. Now, this has little to do with the Balearic government but I suspect that Presdent Armengol would love to ban German tourists over Easter because it sends out all the wrong messages.

The pandemic is a nightmare time for leaders but the cracks are starting to appear in the Balearic government. They must stick to their guns when they make an announcement otherwise voters will just turn off.