WILL, he won’t he? That’s the big question hanging over Boris Johnson and his forthcoming announcement on lifting the ban on foreign travel.

Is he going to go for an early lifting on the ban or not, rumours and reports are rife in both camps?

Could be May, could be August, may even not be at all this summer. One thing that is for sure is that the cost of family holidays to popular destinations like Mallorca are going to be vastly more expensive than usual.

Should the current Covid test protocols remain in place once Johnson lifts the foreign holiday ban, it has been estimated that it will cost a family of four over an extra 1,000 pounds in Covid tests to come to Majorca for a week’s holiday.

With the UK travel industry stressing that this year is going to be a very price sensitive market, Mallorca could price itself out of the market unless hoteliers see sense and reduce their rates.

Considering current regulations mean that hotel bars have to close at 5pm, even for guests, you can’t pop out to a terrace after the new early closing time either, after 10pm they have to phone out for food to be delivered, not to mention the new mask law which comes into force today - it’s not going to be much fun - not much value for money and I am sure, sadly, many will decide it’s neither worth the hassle nor the money.