THE Partido Popular’s President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has made a name for herself during the pandemic by doing exactly the opposite to what the Socialist-led coalition central government advises and now, she has really dropped a bombshell.

Madrid’s health system has struggled, to say the least, to contain the pandemic and because of Ayuso’s determination to keep local residents and the hospitality sector happy, has kept bars and restaurants pretty much open for the most part

- the capital has recently been dubbed the new Magalluf because every weekend it is flooded with French youngsters looking to party, something they can not do back home due to the country being in lockdown - but not Madrid, especially with local elections looming.

And, not, to spite central government even more because of its failure to purchase and provide enough vaccines, which is actually the responsibility of Brussels, she is poised to start buying the Russian Sputnik jab.

Apparently, representatives from the Madrid regional government have already had three meetings with “intermediaries” with regards to buying the jab which has yet to be given the EU medical approval.

But, the irony of it all is that, on the campaign trail, she is determined to keep the Socialists and their “communist” political allies at bay and defeat them at the polls and one of her tools will be to vaccine Madrid and win votes with a Russian jab.