Mallorca hiking. | MDB files


You just cannot win in this pandemic. As soon as we were allowed out and permitted to move around more, there was a boom in physical exercising and rightly so after having been locked down for months on end.

But, like everything in life today, there is a price to pay and that is the pandemic footprint which is being left by hikers, walkers and adventure sportsmen and woman, including myself.

I have never hiked around Mallorca so much in all of my years on the island.
But, no we are being warned by environmentalists that we are posing a threat to the fauna and flora, not to mention animals during their current mating season.
And, it is not only here in Mallorca where we are being advised to stick to the official hiking routes and comply with the wilderness code.

Environmental authorities just across the water in Valencia want to limit hiking and ban rock climbing and canyoning in popular locations in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón provinces to preserve these natural habitats and their local species.
Banning such activities will be a great shame if it ever comes to pass, surely a happy medium can be found.

I think everybody is sick and tired of bans and restrictions and when it comes to the great outdoors, yes common sense should prevail, none of us wants to cause any damage, just give us a few pointers and we’re all happy.