The city of Palma. | A.S.


I was interested to read yesterday that Palma is one of the city´s with the lowest quality of life in Spain. Only Madrid and Barcelona come first. The survey says that the city has a traffic conjestion problem and it is overcrowded. I must admit I think the survey is complete nonsense. Five years ago Palma was voted the best place in the world to live by the Sunday Times and it continues to attract people from across the globe.

Owning a property in Palma is the dream one many people and for this reason property prices are so high. Yes, during the summer months Palma is overcrowded because it is a tourist capital. Before the outbreak of the pandemic the Balearic government was planning to introduce legislation which would reduce the number of giant cruise ships visiting Palma in an effort to ease overcrowding.

I would also say that the work of successive councils has meant that the city has become even nicer than it was. Obviously Palma has faults like all cities but overall I would say that itis a great place to work and live. My one complaint is that the city council and the Balearic government should allow shops to open when they want rather than when the local government dictates.

Only shops in a certain areas of the city are allowed to open on Sunday but this should be extended to the whole city. I love Palma and to be honest, I do not believe that this sort of criticism is fair. I will continue to enjoy the city whatever any survey has to say.